Despre cursul „Linux Administrare Server Incepator Online”

In cursul “Linux Administrare Server Basic” se vor discuta notiuni de introducere in modul de functionare si administrare al unui sistem Linux. Vor fi discutate si prezentate notiuni despre modul de functionare al sistemului de operare Linux, arhitectura sistemului, instalarea unui sistem de operare Linux intr-o masina virtuala.

La finalul cursului studentii vor fi capabili sa instaleze si sa configureze un sistem de operare Linux si sa efectueze actiuni de baza de administrare a resurselor unui server/PC.

Cui se adreseaza:

Curriculumul cursului “Linux Administrare Server Basic” este destinat persoanelor care vor sa acumuleze informatii despre Linux sau sa isi completeze aptitudinile, cat si celor care sunt in cautare de joburi entry level in industria IT

Ce vei invata:

Studentii care termina modulul “Basic Linux Administration” vor putea:

  • sa instaleze si sa configureze un sistem de operare
  • sa inteleaga concepte de baza ale Linux-ului
  • sa foloseasca uneltele Linux-ului pentru a administra un server
  • sa utilizeze terminalul Linux pentru a rula comenzi
  • sa scrie scripturi de baza ce ii vor ajuta in administrarea serverului

Structura cursului:

Capitolul 1          Introduction to Linux Operating Systems

Capitolul 2          Linux as a multi-user operating system

Capitolul 3          Package management

Capitolul 4          Disk partitioning and mounting

Capitolul 5          Advanced storage

Capitolul 6          Linux tools

Capitolul 7          Processes in Linux

Capitolul 8          Basic Shell Scripting


Introduction to hardware components 00:00:00
Booting 00:00:00
Operating system 00:00:00
Drivers 00:00:00
Libraries and applications 00:00:00
Linux architecture 00:00:00
Linux distributions 00:00:00
Installing Centos 7 00:00:00
File system structure 00:00:00
Runlevels 00:00:00
Linux as a multi-user system
Multi-user system 00:00:00
Users 00:00:00
Groups 00:00:00
Permissions 00:00:00
File access control lists – FACL 00:00:00
Package Management
Introduction to packages 00:00:00
Managing packages 00:00:00
RPM 00:00:00
Yum 00:00:00
Adding extra repositories 00:00:00
Configuring yum to only download packages 00:00:00
Installing from source 00:00:00
Disk partitioning and mounting
Introduction to disks and partitions 00:00:00
Disk and partitions 00:00:00
File systems 00:00:00
Extended file system family 00:00:00
Inode 00:00:00
Dentry Object 00:00:00
Superblocks 00:00:00
Partitioning and formating in Linux 00:00:00
Mounting partitions 00:00:00
Advanced storage
Introduction to advanced storage 00:00:00
Logical Volume Manager 00:00:00
Working with LVM 00:00:00
Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) drives 00:00:00
Linux Mix
A few words 00:00:00
Link and pipes 00:00:00
Basic File/Folder management 00:00:00
Using GREP 00:00:00
Archiving 00:00:00
Searching 00:00:00
Secure shell 00:00:00
Linux Processes
Process 00:00:00
Multi-user and multi-tasking 00:00:00
Interactive process 00:00:00
Automatic processes 00:00:00
Daemons 00:00:00
Process attributes 00:00:00
Creating a process 00:00:00
Signals 00:00:00
SUID and GUID 00:00:00
Scheduling 00:00:00
Shell Scripting
Introduction to shell scripting 00:00:00
Hello World 00:00:00
Reading arguments 00:00:00
If-else 00:00:00
The for loop 00:00:00
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